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What Clothes Should You Wear In 2018

What Clothes Should You Wear In 2018

What Clothing Styles Should You Wear In 2018

If you have ever really wondered what you needed to wear to look your best, or wanted ways to increase your sense of fashion, then you need to take some notes on these tips I am about to expose to you. I work on the Team as a fashion coordinator and I get to look at all types of trends, which means I am automatically a genius that is going to tell you the truth. Keep reading to know what I mean.

A lot of people always overlook how they should dress, 2018 fashion is very different from the norm, people expect you to show up to a simple classroom presentation with suits and ties on if you are a College student or even a High School student you know what I am talking about. So to outdo that one teacher that always tells you how you should dress, you need to understand the wave of fashion.

Where is Fashion going?

Believe it or not, things have changed from the human race being created by God naked in a field to us living in middle-class homes working on a school essay online, things are changing not necessarily for the best but they are changing, they are evolving. If you are a dude and you maybe want to get a girlfriend, you have to look at least presentable, you have to carry yourself in a way that signals attraction, you have to be the best and best-dressed version of yourself. 

Fashion is evolving to where each person needs to come up with their own unique clothing that sets them apart if you even want to compete with a guy at work, you don't have to waste time copying them to think you will look better, chances are they already know what style works for them. What you need to do is find your own unique style and master it so only you will be noticed when wearing it. Again I hope you know what I am getting at.

What Should You Wear

What you wear all depends on who but I'll give you some general things that make sense. In general, I refer to just things you should always have in your closet or accessories drawer in your room.


I cannot keep stressing how important watches are, they elevate your personality based on the style and guess what, you don't need a Rolex to look good in a watch, although they will elevate your social equity you do not need Rolexes, all you need is a simple watch that looks good on you.

We have some examples here in the store you could buy with all the offers always going on!

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 Those are just some of the watches we have here but what you should get from that is how you can take something as normals as a watch and make them unique for your and your branded style. Just try to avoid gold watches because they are overrated and don't go with a lot of things.

Leather Jackets

Everyone is always underestimating power. Leather is a symbol or clothing material of pure power. When you wear leather you're basically wearing power. Always strive to look the most powerful, Leather Jackets and keep in mind not Leather Pants, are power, leather pants are pretty ugly.


Hoodies are really common nowadays, everyone and their dog is wearing a hoodie. What matters now is to differentiate yourself from the other people around you, what you have to do is focus on not wearing what other people wear and definitely hoodies with random designs that mean and look like nothing. You need to wear simple hoodies or elegantly colorful hoodies, only wear hoodies that are all over the place weird when you feel creative, not to a formal occasion. We have some Hoodies in our stock.

      Classic Hoodies                                                   3D Colorful Graphic Hoodie

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The End, If you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact us and let us know your thoughts. You can also comment below any opinions you may have. 

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